Your Project Partner

Honest, these are completely unsolicited comments.

No one was paid to say nice things about me (at least, not with cash). *wink*


Christine is a wish come true, an intelligent multitasker with dynamite creative skills and editing prowess. As director she wielded a firm grip on projects while keeping clients and producers in line and on budget. She asks the right questions; makes the right calls. A star in any organization she does not require nor request the spotlight. She makes even the best better."

William Booty, Graphic Designer | Art Direction

Christine is one of the most professional, organized women I've ever met. She is detail oriented and will drive a project from beginning to end."

Kevin Connell, Cause-Marketing/Sponsorship Consultant


Christine understands the vagaries and complexities of the creative process involved in developing content for a variety of formats. Her grace, skill and diplomacy, as well as her supremacy in organization, attention to detail and sense of fairness, serve her well in the fast-paced communications industry. Highly conscientious, Christine also is very intuitive and sensitive to the personal challenges, limits and needs, along with capabilities and strengths, of those she manages, which contribute to her being an excellent project manager."

Maria Fotopoulos, Principal at TurboDog Communications

Christine is intelligent, disciplined, principled, on time, efficient, delivers what she promises every step of the way. A great communicator and strong team leader."

Beverly Moore, Destination Marketing Specialist

Christine consistently plays an essential role in any project she is a part of. She can manage a multitude of tasks concurrently, she is extremely organized, and she keeps every project running smoothly. She is wonderful to work with and her strong work ethic is invaluable."

Ivy Brown, Principal at Ivy & Ink Design Studio

I've worked with Christine on complex publications, from the grand conception to nailing down the very last details before the presses roll. I have always appreciated her commitment to excellence, as well as her patience and good humor throughout the process, even during the most arduous stages. Christine is versatile and talented and will do whatever is necessary to get the job done right."

Matt Jaffe, Journalist