Your Project Partner

Think of me as your project partner.

Let's work together to cross things off your to-do list and slay that pesky Administrivia.*

A self-proclaimed perfectionist with a penchant for:

Project Managing

In this project-based world, only the organized shall prevail.

Writing & Editing

Perfecting your message by using the right words—and cutting the wrong ones.


Saving you from embarrassment BEFORE you hit "send" or "print!"


So many projects…so little time.

Do you have:


• events, meetings or conferences to prepare? 

• office admin issues? 

• resumes or interviews to slog through? 

• something you just don't want to deal with?


Words are everything!

Get that? Words. Are. Everything.

Say NO to dull or blah writing.
Your words should inspire. They should make your reader want to DO something!
Let's take your message from "Meh" to "Mmmm-eow."

Call CT



Don't muck up your message with typos!

There's no excuse for it.

Even if you don't call CT,
please, please, please have someone look at your work before you send it off.
Typo-Haters, Untie!

BTW: it's "unite." If you didn't catch that, you really should call me!